Does quality, reliability or speed matter?

YES! Especially when it comes to memory

Everything you need to know

BigBuild Technology is a British memory card brand. At the core of our commitment is to provide highest quality memory products at an affordable price. We do care for


We maintain high standard of manufacturing and quality assurance process which ensures quality memory products. Our memory products comes with minimum 5 years of warranty.


Highest standard of quality assurance ensures reliable memory product. Our memory cards are X-Ray proof (Airport X-Ray), Shockproof, Magnet Proof, and Temperature proof. It can be operated between between 0°C to 70°C temperature. Storage temperature is between -25°C to 85°C.


We believe in innovation and invest on latest technology. Our latest Ultra Fast series memory products are manufactured based on latest industry standard.

New Ultra Fast 45MB/s - 90MB/s Series

Our new 32GB Ultra Fast 90MB/s UHC-I Class 10 memory card has just been released in UK market.

Ultra Fast cards are manufactured using SD 3.0 UHC-I industry standard

BigBuild Technology's 32GB Ultra Fast 90MB/s Class 10 memory card is one of the fastest memory card available at an affordable price. This memory card is perfect solution for storing high resolution photos and recording full HD (1080p) videos.

Faster memory card ensures flicker free smooth HD video recording and continuous shooting feature of high end D-SLR cameras. eMemoryCards™ SD card is a UK Brand. It comes with 5 years manufacturer warranty.  This Memory card is built with best chips & high end controller for best compatibility and speed.

That's why BigBuild eMemoryCards are compatibility with many devices around your home.


Internal speed test result *

Our internal test shows following read / write speed test 

Read Speed: 45MB/s - 90MB/s
Write Speed: 18MB/s - 45MB/s

The minimum guaranteed speed is 18MB/s for for read and write operations. 

* Note that read and write speed may vary depending on the devices used

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More memory cards are coming soon

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